Friday, September 11, 2009

The Girls from MARTHA STEWART RADIO and information on our Beautiful Table

Last night we were honored to host our wonderful guests, the women from Martha Stewart Radio. We met some of them when we were guests on the Whole Living show on Martha's birthday. They had heard about us because we were throwing a birthday bash celebrating Martha. We made a cake using the Martha stencil that Stella made and the craft of the night was glass etching. The girls loved the idea and came over for a get together of their own so they could try their hands at it as well. They made cute birds and words and buildings and stars on bottles, glasses and mugs. Thanks for coming ladies!!! We know that Martha is great because of the team that backs her are the team and you're awesome!!!
Also, people are always inquiring about our giant, last supper-like table. We love it. It's our dream table. It was made to perfection for us by Cristina's boyfriendbabydaddy, Jake at Good News Auburn Sun. We found some reclaimed Southern Yellow Pine at a local dealer and Jake manifested the specifications held only in our head - using no nails or screws, only natural joints. Thank you Jake for building that and most of the rest of the store, as well as continuing to help us keep this place from falling apart. If you need some beautiful woodwork done, check them out, they're the best in town.