Friday, October 16, 2009

HALLOWEEN decor at the shop.

We love Halloween and are so excited to have a whole month of creepy crafting!! We started a while back on the spider webs made from recycled t-shirts and the garland made from recycled fabric. Our window is also home to the paper mache Frankenstein head that began it's life as a giant egg last easter. Oh and the toilet paper and pipe cleaner spiders are so fun.
In our other window you can spot the ghoulish ghosts and bats made from recycled plastic bags along with the ghost t-shirt and pumpkin candy bags also made from recycled tees.
And we waited a whole year to make them, since Martha Stewart posted them last year, to make our scary cut out rats. We made as many as our hands could cut and they're all over the place.
Not pictured are the gory specimen jars lurking in the hollows. We used sculpey to make eyeballs, zombie fingers, monkey brains and vampire teeth which we interred into water in recycled baby food jars. They are scary and scrumptious.
We're not even done yet since we have two more weeks to go before the hallowed day (and our one year anniversary celebration) arrives. In addition to working on our own costumes, we are busy sewing up capes and fairy wings for the harvest festival at the local elementary school.
Oh 'tis glorious to be a goblin. We just can't wait to hear the screams!!!!!